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Stop Automatic Updates while at the Layout Book


Is there a way to stop Archicad autogenerating every single View when I access different plans of my layout book.

Some of my plans have 6 or 7 or even more views inserted. Each view updates automatically... every time I access each plan. This process takes precious time and really frustrates me.

I know you can cancel the update, but that also takes some time...

Is there a way to create a button to Stop "Automatic update", so you are able to switch between plans smoothly. Once you are about to publish, then you activate the "Update" button and then you are in the position to produce documentation.

Ideally, this system should make you aware of "Stopped automatic updates" being enabled (for example, via pop up screen, or other visual method)

This could save loads of waiting time to many people, minimizing frustrations and maximizing efficiency.




You might like to read this guidance in the ONLINE HELP 

Apple iMac macOS Ventura / AC27UKI (most recent builds)

DGSketcher, how is the guidance of any help here?

And why has this been marked as solved? Have i missed something in the help page?



I too am very interested in a 'Pause auto updates' button that could possibly live next to Show All Layers.


When delivering a documentation package, and always in the final few hours leading up to the deadline, there is always the need to do a lot of flipping between layouts. A global switch which would temporarily suspend auto updates of all drawings and would enable a lightening fast switch to other layouts would save time, stress and further hair loss during those times. It happens at every package release.


Another similar nuisance is when the auto update triggers simply when switching to another application (such as Outlook) and back to archicad.


The programmers need to get into the mind of a stressed out architect on occasion.

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@stoneunturned the guidance contains the solution to the opening post. This is why it has been tagged by a Moderator (not me).


The point you may have missed is the workflow option between automatic & manual updates of drawing views. I much prefer Auto updates and that is what I use most of the time, but for larger project the constant redraws can become a time suck. This is when you need to look into setting views to manual update, but the onus is then on the user to make sure drawings are properly updated prior to publication. This isn't difficult and is generally advised by the program prior to publication anyway.


So, do we need another button in an already cluttered interface? Short answer is No, because there is already an established workflow to address your commonly shared frustration.


TIP: If you right click on a folder or file in the Navigator - Layout Book view, you can quickly Update groups or individual Layouts and even individual drawings.  


I hope that clarifies things. Have another read of the link, it may make more sense now. If it still isn't clear ask again and someone with more experience of larger / complex jobs may do a better job of explaining.

Apple iMac macOS Ventura / AC27UKI (most recent builds)


Thanks DGSketcher, that's a very clear and comprehensive reply and progresses the dialogue. And apologies, in my mind, i was way ahead of the conversation - might need some time off!


As someone who almost exclusively works on large complex projects, the grievance i have with switching all the views over to 'Manual update', something i have done in the past with the drawing manager, is the time taken to do so (aka the time we don't have in the hours/minutes leading up to the deadline). The drawing manager is somewhat of a beast to tame, but once all views are selected, there's a good 5mins of sitting and waiting while the change is applied to all views. Then there's the time taken to switch them all back before publication. ....And then there's any last minute changes that come through that trigger another round of the switch, which, let me tell you, can feel like weeks when the pressures' on. Rarely is it a straight line. The software is set up as if it always will be.


All in all, i still see a 'dockable pause update button' as very valuable as it would relieve a huge amount of pressure/frustration during crunch times, and would also cure the annoying issue related to views updating themselves on returning to AC from another application (when enabled). If it's a dockable pallet then users can choose to include it in their UI or not, but the current method is cumbersome and slows down workflow and increases stress, and therefor not a good one. It could be easily replaced by a button.


Also, I don't find the UI to be too cluttered, see below.

Find and select, GO, Hotlink Module Manager, etc all on keyboard shortcuts.


Screenshot 2023-06-09 130851.jpg

(Edit: this one happens to be a very small project.)

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Eduardo Rolon


While agreeing with @DGSketcher in macOS you can "interrupt" the update (and a lot of other items) by typing CMD and a period in Windows "Ctrl+Break".


from 2009:



Discussion from 2006:


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Thanks Edwardo, I just tested Ctrl + 'Break' ('Pause' on my keyboard) and it worked like a charm. It needs to be pressed multiple times to kill every process involved in the rebuild and update queue, but it happens instantly and makes it an absolute game changer. Thanks for sharing!


These simple tips which would have saved so many headaches and so much time aren't readily findable / don't exist in the archicad documentation. This tip should be in the guidance linked by DGSketcher, and for all versions. No mention of this is criminal.


The current best solution of switching all drawings over to manual, involves further management, which is the absolute enemy in this software (heck, in this profession) and is definitely not the gold standard of what archicad are moving towards. I don't understand how the background update which seems to be the result of the 2006 discussion is even that helpful.


Current community dialogue surrounding this suggests we've got an A* working solution. I'm here telling you from the perspective of an over worked individual who only knows 100-200 sheet monsters that this is not a good solution on large projects. Might be fine for small projects with only a few sheets but for those who tackle big projects on their own, a better solution here would be fantastic.


Possible outcomes / solutions as i see it:

 - stick with Control+Break and make sure its painfully obvious in the guidance documentation (not super ideal because you have to hammer it so many times before you can work again)

 - a 'Suspend Updates' button that can be placed in the palettes (would be an A* solution as there would be nothing to do when changing layouts)

 - escape button halting things as instantly as Control + Break (nice, but same drawback as Contorl+Break)

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Hi DGSketcher, im back on this again.


While the established workflow that's currently in place (Manual/Auto update setting of views) addresses a commonly shared frustration, it's not at all an elegant solution and could be made so much more so with a single toggle. I'm frustrated that this isn't being heard and that a poor implementation of a workflow is being marked as a solution, and the topic put to bed. Like many aspects of ArchiCAD, respectfully, there is room for improvement, and this isnt a trivial issue. Perhaps a screen recording would help illustrate the magnitude of the issue better than i can convey?


The process i use to switch from auto to manual is shown in the snip below. I have to make the switch so many times throughout the life of a year long project that it almost negates the time spent not waiting for the update process to occur. The current workflow adds management and as a process cumbersome and time consuming, and introduces the possibility of more user error (as the onus is on the user to switch them all back to auto before publication).






Im prepared to call on a favour to my software engineering friends to script me a button with the functionality as an addon. Do we think this is possible in python, or as a professionally scripted add-on?


AC26 5002 NZE FULL, i7 4770k @ 4.4Ghz, GTX 1080Ti 11Gb, 16GB

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We all have different perspectives on our priorities. Personally I usually run with auto update on, but a recent large project has required a review of that position. I have now readily adapted to updating as required using the Navigator Tip I mentioned above. I don't see the need to keep switching the View update e.g. pick a single workflow and use it. I'm sorry if you feel frustrated, but as with all things AC, don't hold your breath for GS to deliver a quick fix, especially as this would probably sit very low on the GS priority to-do list. 


Can the View update settings be changed by Python or some other add-on? I think you need to ask that question in the Developer Hub.

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Do a few of those larger projects in a row, and your adaptations will soon become a tedious hinderance and non-negotiable - the additional management it brings scales with the project, likewise, the larger the project, the longer the auto-update process. You'll be right up on this soap-box with me. Trust me on that.


We need this button (or an alternative solution, such as a background rebuild checkbox for advanced users that allows updating of views that are set to manual update) and we need those working on large projects, that routinely slog through the user experience of a program that was designed for small/medium projects, to be assessing these wishes. Or better yet, the wish section of the forum split up into project size so that these large project wishes don't fall by the way side, it would actually help GS immensely to receive targeted feedback from large project users as they try to market their product in the large project arena. Those that have never handled large multiunit projects simply won't see the problem until they experience it for themselves.


I've known about the auto/manual update workflow for a few years, I've tried working with the right click update process, I've desperately tried it all to avoid the time suck without it becoming a logistical managerial nightmare. It can't be done with current offerings and we need a solution, this button is a 5minute job to halt the update process, I'm sure of it.



Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to reply, and welcome to the world of large projects!

I'll try my luck over in the Dev Hub, thanks.

AC26 5002 NZE FULL, i7 4770k @ 4.4Ghz, GTX 1080Ti 11Gb, 16GB

Dell G15 Laptop: i7-12700h, RTX 3060, 16GB DDR5
Thunderbolt 4 to 2 screens, HDMI to a 3rd screen. Laptop lid remains closed.

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