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Teamwork Sign-In

Gerald D Lock
To enable easier, hassle-free co-ordination of sign-in for small teams (ie. In close verbal communication with each other) the Teamwork Sign-In facility should allow all team members to have the “Sign In” dialogue open simultaneously. Lock-out is unnecessary until the final button is clicked.
Sign-in order could then be on an “as received” basis as each user clicks “Sign In” button on the final panel of the dialogue.

Layer reservation section needs enhancing to allow <Include / Exclude Multiple Layer Combinations> list.

This would allow team members to:
• sign into multiple Layer Combinations
• sign in to all layer except those taken by other team members, who have been designated a particular Layer Combination(s) to sign into, but whom may not have signed in yet.
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Hopefully, the completely new TeamWork2 of AC13 will provide you with a much more flexible way of handling such situations.
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Karl Ottenstein
Laszlo knew the answer when he posted, but now that it is official, yes, TW2 in ArchiCAD 13 resolves this wish.

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