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WISH: 3D Worksheet

The Adam Project

Wish: To have predefined independent 3d space for object creation instead to make objects (customized furniture, handles, equipment etc) inside the common project space.

In my pipeline I make a layer combination called "Object Modelling" and special layer "Objects" is turned on and other layers are turned off. In the center of XYZ I make my customized forms and save them as "save selected as (option)". 


It seems to me that could be better to have more flexible project management if implementing predefined 3D Worksheets as additional option in the archicad's project structure.


Maybe it could look like I did in a mockup archicad UI.

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I would hope the much requested in-place hotlink editing which is now on the AC Roadmap would go a long way to addressing the Worksheet idea. I appreciate they have different outcomes, but there is a probably a big overlap.

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Patrick M

I use layers, I've seen people dedicate entire stories to this... 

generally I create the objects in a separate file to keep things lean and clean

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