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WISH: Transparency colors options for drawing


It would be very useful if we had option for transparency for colors defined by Pen Set for drawings so we could achieve some type of depth when making layouts with multiple drawings stacked.



For example, if I want to show site plan with rooftops I stack 2 drawings on layout: Ground Floor with Roof Floor, but I would love it if I can make Ground Floor more washed out colors without making another view with overrides etc. 


Archicad 26, build 3001
Barry Kelly

It is not the pen sets of the drawing that you want to control (although maybe you can do that with GO).

It is the drawing background colour you want to change.

Unfortunately there is no control for that.

You can make the background transparent or not, and that is all.


What you would need is an option to add a fill to the drawing background and set the hatch pen to white and the background pen to transparent.

But as we don't have that option, simply add a fill yourself.

50% fill (or what ever % you want) with a white hatch pen and transparent background.

Stack the fill with the drawings adjust positions of the drawings you want to 'hide' behind the fill and all others in front.





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Hi Barry,


yes that is exactly what I do now, but it is not the best solution since it makes problems for dwg export.


That is why I am hoping developers could make some type of option for washed out colors as seen in other software. Doesn't necessary need to be transparency adjustment, just washed out colors.

Archicad 26, build 3001