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Window / door etc. associate with two or more walls

Radek Vybihal

Associate a window/door etc. with two or more walls. Image in Attachment.

Thank you.




Karl Ottenstein

This has been on the wishlist for years.  I'm surprised it isn't on the roadmap.


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And if may add to that, It should behave like an opening tool, meaning it can affect Hotlink modules.

Stefan Veselinović
BIM Manager for Bureau Cube Partners, Serbia
Barry Kelly

Valid (long time) wish, and hopefully one day the window tool will be like the opening tool where it can be associated to more than just one wall.

Or the door/ window and opening tools will be amalgamated.

Just in case you or anyone reading aren't aware of the options, they are...


Add a separate empty window (or opening) in the other wall - you will have to adjust both separately if your window changes.


If it is the same wall type, just make a single multi-storey wall - then you need just the one window.


If the walls are separate profiles you can merge them into a single complex profile wall and again you will only need the one window.





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