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So....being new at this expression thing in AC22, I need some help trying to figure this out. I'm currently going through the videos from Graphisoft to get my head around it but could use some help. I'm try to figure out how to get a ratio between th...

Schedule Area per person for occupancy load - AC22

Greetings, I am using the Total Zone where the Area per Person field is used to automatically calculate the total occupants based on measured area. I desire to have that field displayed in the schedule as well but when I attempt to add that field it ...

Scheduling Rough Openings for pocket doors

I cannot get the rough opening to schedule for a pocket door. The wallhole dimension parameter is the obvious choice for rough openings but will not display the wallhole dimension for a pocket door. Suggestions? Work arounds?

altruno by Newcomer
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Where to install the BIMcloud

Hello there, With this change to BIMcloud I am totally confused as to what the BIMcloud service is. I've watched the instructional videos that Graphisoft posted and don't get it. 1. Where do I install the BIMcloud software? On my laptop/desktop compu...

Recovering a test pln file from ArchiCAD 22 Beta 4

I have a “test project” file that I created in the Beta 4 version of ArchiCAD 22. Unfortunately this file was overlooked and not converted in the pre-release RC version of 22, which was since removed from the computer once the official release of 22 ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Glazed Area

I need to calculate glazed area of windows and doors in each zone of my project. It is quite simple with windows, the Windows Surface Area parameter does the job. But not with doors, since there is glazed area just with doors made with glass leafs, n...

Archiglazing ArchiCAD 20

I need Archiglazing plugin for ArchiCAD 20, but I have only found French version. It's free to download here: Could anyone provide me with instructions how to get English version of this product? ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Updating Accessories Failed (Interior Wizard)

Accessing menu Design->Design Extras->Interior Wizard->Update Room Accessories, but it gives me an error: Updating Accessories Failed: Please check the selected zones. I have the zone selected. In the zone, I have suspended ceiling and floor that I w...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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DDS CAD any one colaborate with ?

Hi, I have a question if anyone has experience in work with MEP, Structural, Architects or other consultants working on DDS-CAD? I couldn't find any forum or other places to communicate with DDS users so I thought I ask here .

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Precast Concrete Schedule

Hi All, Just wanted to know if there was a way to create an elevation wall schedule? Looking to create a precast wall schedule to supply to the engineer to do his working. Is there a way to create a such a thing?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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