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Place mesh from surveyors data - slow performance

Hello! I'm wondering why Archicad file and the performance becomes so slow, when importing point clouds and creating the terrain (Place mesh from surveyors data). When I open this in other GIS programs for example, it works very fast. I don't have mu...

tjasaa by Newcomer
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Formwork estimating

Hi there. I am a student and have just started using ArchiCAD a few months ago. I am trying to figure out a way to estimate formwork quantity (sqm) needed. I am thinking about using different priority concrete for each element type of the constructio...

Darwuhr by Contributor
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Archicad export to rhino model problem

Hi everyone, I'm having a problem exporting geometry to rhino, I don't know if it's a bug or something. From ArchiCAD 22 build 3006 i'm saving from the 3d view to a .3dm file. But when I open that .3dm file on rhinoceros 6 there are some objects that...

Zones and walls in interactive schedules

Hi, have an interactive schedule that is using zones as the headlines and everything in that zone is being scheduled; objects, slabs etc. using their element ID and the layer they are on. For example, Bed 1 which is a zone lists layer 'Floor' and the...

BIMcloud Basic not updating for AC24

We are running BIMcloud Basic version 2020.2 (24.0.2411.1609). Likewise, we are currently running AC23. We have upgraded to AC24 and would like to start using it. However, we are not able to access the BIMcloud server. We receive the following error:...

IFC Export from Revit for MEP

Has anyone got settings / suggestions for using the Revit Connection plug-in to export IFCs from Revit that translate Revit MEP objects (families) to native Archicad MEP objects. In our tests so far, even the piping comes in as non-native objects.


I have been playing around with the Archiframe demo and like very much what i see, But the pricing seems just way too much. I am interested in seeing who may have considered using/purchasing archiframe but the cost has changed your mind, and if a sub...

Nuge by Booster
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Door Legend in Presentation Mode - AC24

Greetings. I cannot find the setting to remove the presentation shading from the Door Legend. I need the legend to be lines only, no shading. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you, Scott