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ArchiCAD 22 - copy and paste within text boxes

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Hi All,
I am having an issue where i am trying to copy partial text within a text box and paste it into another text box. It looks like the text doesn't even copy to the clipboard when I select "copy" and hence when I paste there is nothing! My colleague has the same problem. We are using ArchiCAD 22. If we copy and paste text from elsewhere, such as Notepad, it seems to work fine. It only happens when trying to copy from text box to text box within ArchiCAD. Is this a bug? Has anyone else had this issue?

I have exactly the same proplem.  We did have ESET - so we un-installed it, but the  issue (won't copy text to clipboard in Archicad) came back.   

I've spent hours with very helpful ESET help desk trying to find the issue,  and what happened was if we changed a settign on ESET , the 'copy text' issue goes away for a period (for an hour or a day ) only to turn up again. 

I wonder if this is the same for other ESET uses - that it seemed like a fix initially to turn off 'Secure Browser Protection' in ESET, only for the problem to return. 

I wonder if ESET is not actually the problem. 

Can Archicad please comment on what they are doing to addess this? It is the only program I use that has a problem copying text to the clipboard. Pretty frustraiting.  

Eduardus van Uden

I have had this issue for years and in the past a restart of the computer (not just Archicad) has solved it, for hours or often days. But now it is permanent. It is only within the view window, copying and pasting in folders or layouts in the navigator pane works fine. I have tried the ESET disabling without success. I hope there is a solution some time soon! 

AC25 & AC26
Win10 64 bit

For me it has been an issue since ac25 till ac 26. In fairness, a gentleman offered help by tring to check the issue but i failed to finish the test. Still, with clean install of windows 10/11, first install is ac 26 and still the same issue. Disable windows protection and still the same issue.

The way to is... train yourself so that you don't see this as bug but an feature.

Marcin B

Hi. I'm an IT guy and I was tasked with solving a copy problem (not working clipboard) in AC 24. After analyzing ESET Internet Security, it seems to me that this is an issue related to online banking. In the advanced settings of online banking protection - turn off with the slider. I think this is ESET's protection against substitution of bank account numbers. It helped me on the AC 24 version on 4 computers.

Brawo Marcin!

Thanks for that reply Pawel. Unfortunately turning off 'Banking & Payment protection' made no difference for me.

AC25 & AC26
Win10 64 bit

HI Cnat,


Did you ever get a work around on this problem?  I have put up with it for around 6 months now but it's a real pain to have such a basic function not working.  Really unbelievable when I saw how many people also have this problem and nothing from Graphisoft to acknowledge this at all !


I'm running ArchiCAD 24 and I also have this problem between Excel and Archicad.  I can't copy text from ArchiCAD and paste the text into Excel.  I can't copy text within ArchiCAD and paste it into another text box.  What is going to fail next?  So slow and frustrating.

Okay, can the same logic be transferred to Windows Defender or something of the sort?