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Labelling Surfaces of Complex Profiles

Hi, Is there a way to label the outside and inside faces of a wall that is a complex profile? I would assume this should be a basic thing that Archicad does but I am stomped. Surface Label only shows " -- " whenever I try to label outside or inside f...

GDL left behind – no Surface Texture in section

After intensive testing I came to the conclusion that surfaces with textures defined in GDL directly are not shown in sections/elevations where you've set them to show Surface Textures. (showing textures from normal materials work fine, tho)This some...

runxel by Virtuoso
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Resolved! Label selection.

Hello everyone, During my late extensive work with labels, I noticed that there are 2 selection types. One that is more focused on the text frame and its content, and one where you manipulate the geometry of the label as a whole. My question is, is t...


Resolved! Custom Pen Type keep on disappearing

Hi! I am having a trouble with custom made pen type. I created custom pen type for fill and every time I close the view and return to it, it is white again and the custom made pen type is gone from the fill and from the pen "Library". I can not figur...

Ivi by Participant
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