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Grid Line draggable ends

I don't like it when the grid goes through my plans so I used the 2nd option on the floor plan grid line style. Is there a way to have one of the ends stay stationary while the other end is draggable to where it needs to go? As of right now, if I dra...

sknsnw9 by Booster
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Resolved! Editing an Existing Label Type

Hello, I was wondering, can I edit the type of an existing label type? For example, I was working in MEP profile, using MEP Label 25 and wanted to label the water pipes (See photo)As you can see, it shows the text e.g. Dimensions ⌀530mm but I want it...

Kikoria_0-1671778400604.png 222.png
Kikoria by Booster
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Stair line weight

Those very thick lines should be narrow lines and I have tried everything. Will you please, share some insight? Thank you! Images are attached. I have the same trouble on handrails.

Resolved! Window opening lines not showing in floor plan

Hi everyone, As I have been working on making my own template I have noticed that the opening lines of my window are not showing on the floor plan or the 3D window. I have tried different model views but nothing and different scales but they are not ...

After saving as a GSM object, the original data is retained

Hello, I have a profound question for youFor example, if I use the column tool as the cabinet leg of a cabinet (of course, there are other walls, beams, plates, etc. that form a cabinet), I can read the height of the cabinet leg without saving it as ...

AC_Cat by Contributor
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Resolved! How do I extract the number of rows in a dynamic array?

I am trying to modify the Wall Framing Object to provide the number of studs as a parameter that can be scheduled. Based upon my review of the gdl code, it appears that the row count of the array for "stud" parameter provides the desired data. There ...

jfa_ra by Contributor
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Text Editing Glitch

Hi All, First post so hoping someone can help, and only back on AC after a long break . I am running MacBook Pro M1 with 64GB with AC26 and AC-ARM. I was hoping the ARM release would resolve my text editing glitch, but no.When I edit text, then click...

Element Transfer Settings

For some reason the objects in favorites are not placing on the current storey and are placing on the storey on which they were created (I assume this to be the case, whatever it is they are not placing on the current storey).Ive tested with ETS chec...

Too Long by Enthusiast
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