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Resolved! copying text from hotlink module

hey allim trying to edit the hotlink i have for general notes and make some amendments. the module was created in AC 19 and now im using AC 25. the issue is sometime when i open the module from inside the pln file as a (open in new instance) it shows...

ahmad525_0-1678060234338.png ahmad525_1-1678060255939.png

Resolved! empty Pdf

Hi! I am trying to save some drawings in pdf and when I do save it, it worked first today... and second, third and fourth time pdf showing black (white) page. Nothing on it. I am also trying saving as jpeg/png but can't select one drawing it saves as...

dimension text orientation

Hi, My first line of dimension text is coming in wront orientation other lines are correct. Looks like when doing the internal wall dimensions text orientation is coming wrong. How to make all in the same orientation. please see attached snip Kind Re...