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I cannot see dimensions Bugg ? AC 25

Hi I have problem with Dimension and Annotation when do something the became black and not possible to read it and go back. I looked if is the background but I didn't findo out how to fix this. I have to creat new schedule the same with dimension on ...

Skärmavbild 2022-11-29 kl. 10.37.13.jpg Skärmavbild 2022-11-29 kl. 10.37.21.jpg Skärmavbild 2022-11-29 kl. 10.37.27.jpg Skärmavbild 2022-10-31 kl. 09.15.07.jpg

Resolved! Drag view on layout

HelloWhen I drag a view on a new sheet, the name of that view is always some random location and the text is always window sill. I am sure i did change it once but not sure how that got saved. Is there a way to reset all that?

Foti by Enthusiast
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BIMcloud wont publish

I am currently trying to publish some mod files to our BIMcloud. Everytime I set the path and folder, i then go to hit publish. Once i hit publish, it continues to tell me to set the path, which is already set. Its as if it is not recognizing that a ...



I have experienced following behaviour with Archicad 26 Apple Silicon Version Erratic Zooming behaviour found as it was with Archicad 26 Intel Version, initially. Sometimes the cursor converts into pen, while drawing walls or other elements, as it wa...

rikhav by Booster
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Hey everyoneI have a question on MVO settings. I am trying to understand which setting affect my plaster line weight.I can easily change my coloumn thickness,  wall however I can not change thickness of plaster.

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View Options "missing"

Since Archicad 22, more than half of our saved drawing view option settings need to be reset each time we open a file. The program says the setting is “missing”, even though the exact saved name is present (to which the drawing had been linked when t...

Resolved! Is it possible to duplicate a Layout with duplicated view?

Hello Everyone, I would like to duplicate a layout with all the view already set in. I can do easily, but when I change settings in the view of the copied Layot I also change the settings in the views of the original layout. Is it possible to "unlink...

My openings and elevetion lines print red

Hi, I am pretty new at all of this, so please help. I don't really know what I did, but when I want to print out my 2D project all openings (windows and doors) and elevetion lines are in red. This was not so before I did something. Can anyone help me...

Template best practices

In starting new projects, we have been starting with a previous project file and deleting the previous elements. All of our standards carry over, but the file ends up being fairly large, and seems to be holding some previous data. Would working with ...

sven-l by Participant
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Resolved! Breaking an elevation from its live link to the model

Hello everyone, greetings. Please I'm fairly new to using Archicad. I wish to find out how views such as elevations and sections can be detached from the live link model, so that I can draft over it to my desire using lines, fills e.t.c. thanks

Wal by Participant
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