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issue with the symbol 2D of a railing


Hey, first sorry English is not my first language,

I am searching a way to simplified the 2D of a railing (l'élément "lisse" en français). Indeed I am working with a guardrail that has cables. Due to its small size, I want to represent it with only one line. But because it is an element, the software keeps putting two in order to delimit it. But hence it s size, in my blueprints (façade, coupe…) it s too much lines.

I tried to modify the object in itself, but I don't understand which thing I need to change in order to make its representation in 2D to be only a line.


Does anyone here know the this element here (view 3D)this element here (view 3D)in 2D, I need those two lines to be just a single linein 2D, I need those two lines to be just a single line?

thanks in advence


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The facade view is a 2d representation of the 3d model.

If you want to represent the lines of the cables as one line, you will have to set diameter of the cable to almost 0 (e.g. 0.01).

The two lines will then overlap, leaving only one visible.

The disadvantage is that in the 3D model this is also displayed as one very thin line. 

Workaround = duplicate railing, change settings and place them in different layers > seperate layercombination for different views.

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Could you use a zero width pen for your wires? Or you could even set the contour to transparent (0)

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