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Initiate array gdl

Hello to all. I'm just starting to work with arrays, and I have some problems . I'm still working on an object to change the text of objects from the model view options, and for that I need a matrix in which I indicate 1/ the name I want to change 2/...

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Resolved! CPRISM_ question

I feel like a total idiot for asking, but I'm trying to script a shape that is basically a rectangle with rounded ends. Using the CPRISM_ (or PRISM_) command, I have the following: CPRISM_ materialAttribute_1, materialAttribute_1, materialAttribute_1...

I want to hide HOTSPOT2 for WALLHOLE

1. So I made it because I needed Hotspot2 for WALLHOLE in the structural floor plan. 2. So I made it because I needed Hotspot2 of A/2,-A/2 for the architectural floor plan. I want to hide HOTSPOT2 for WALLHOLE created in step 1.Is it possible? 3. I w...

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GDL: Hotspot Dimension Reassociation

Hi all, Is there some way to reassociate a dimension to a specific Hotspot? For example, the left Hotspot can move vertically, but is not relevant to dimensioning, so it would be good that if you attempted to associate a dimention to it, it instead a...


Resolved! Movable object along path

Hi all,with your help in my post (here) I was able to write an object with Hotspots to rotate and to move components of an object.Something new that I would like to try is to make components of that object movable along a predefined path. In my examp...

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