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gdl password protection safety

i am wondering, how is the password protection of a gdl safe? (if it is)every instance of archicad can read a password protected gdl, without knowing the password.are gdl's really even encrypted, or is it just a farce?

Resolved! Archicad 24 - GDL Lamp - Symbol Modification

Hi All,I have a pretty simple GDL question. I want to modify the Out of the Box lamp objects in GDL code, however I am having trouble pinpointing which parameter(s) control for the symbol line extensions for the RCP Symbol. See example below. to this...

image.png jaswrigh_1-1680538719060.png jaswrigh_2-1680538946408.png jaswrigh_3-1680539009746.png

GDL: Hotspot Dynamic paramReference

Hi all, Is there a way to use a dynamic paramReference in a Hotspot? IF lp1_uniform_b = 1 then linepart1 = lp1_uniform ELSE linepart1 = lp1[i][3] endIF IF lp2_uniform_b = 1 then linepart2 = lp2_uniform ELSE linepart2 = lp2_h[i][3] endIF HOTSPOT2 (mar...

Very slow saving GDL Objects

Hi All, Just wondering if anyone experiences very slow save times when saving GDL objects to either a linked library or the embedded library. It's a super tiny object only 5.3kb but every time I hit Ctrl+S to check the object back in the project it t...