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Send request result to parameter

Hi,Thermal_conductivity = 0 Density = 0 Heat_capacity = 0 Embodied_energy = 0 Embodied_carbon = 0 s = REQUEST{2} ("Building_Material_info", 1, 'gs_bmat_physical_properties', Thermal_conductivity,Density,Heat_capacity,Embodied_energy,Embodied_carbon) ...

Resolved! GDL batch change info

Hi all! Is there some way to batch change on multiple GDL-s at once Author/Object's subtype or even something that can batch replace text in scripts e.g. I am modeling 2D symbols and want to change mul2 from "mul2 A/0.08, B/009 " to "mul2 A/GLOB_SCAL...

Resolved! generating xml object via python

This is a random question I've been ruminating for a while. Can we generate a working xml object via python? The question came about because I was wondering if I could partially automate object making. At the moment, we have a workflow where people w...

Jack D Booster
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Show Parameter function

Hello, We have a hideparameter function, but is there a showparameter somewhere hidden in the deeps of gdl code? I want to show a parameter only when couple of conditions are met among the many I have. IF door_opening <> 1 AND multi_door <> 1 THEN HI...

jc4d Expert
  • 2 replies

Overwrite custom curtain panel wall 2D representation

Hi everyone I'm trying to overwrite a custom curtain wall panel I've created, as when I visualize it in plan view I'm not seeing the correct shape of the panel. I'm currently using Archicad 23. EDIT: Wrong forum