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License manager stuck downloading

Andra Reinhold



I ran into a problem and I can't seem to find a solution on the internet so here goes:


I uploaded my license to license pool to download it on another laptop. It uploaded fine but after the upload was complete I accidentally clicked on download and the license manager got stuck downloading it. It has been almost 40min and it still is saying: ''Please wait...... loading license information (1/4)'' (Yes I have internet connection.)

So I had to take the laptop which had the license originally. Currently I am on a train and here is no option to charge the laptop. I am worried that the license information could get damaged if the computer shuts down.


Any advice is very welcome. Thanks.


What operating system do you have on your computer? macOS or Windows?



I have windows

I assume that you're using CmAct license, so you could check it via CodeMeter Control Center interface.

If your license was downloaded, then it will appear in CodeMeter CC.


Hmm.. it doesn't show. It is stil loading and it doesn't allow me to close the licence manager. Should I just force it to close with task manager and hope for the best? Screenshot 2023-11-25 030051.png

@Andra Reinhold wrote:

Should I just force it to close with task manager and hope for the best? 

First check the status of your licence in your Company pool.

If your licence is shown as freely available in the pool, you can probably kill the LMT application from the task manager, otherwise contact local support.


Hi Andra

I had the same issue when upgraded my license keys on a window Dell laptop , experienced the  wait message for long extended time,  I managed to resolve it by plugging both old and new key at two different ports on my laptop, when you run the license managers ( can be found in GRAPHISOFT folder ) , your system will recongnise the two keys in the dialogue box popped up , then the transition will excute the new key replacement from the old key with the new one.

hope this can ease your frustration with the new dongel replacements.

Have Fun🙂

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