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I only see a black screen

Hello everyone, When i open the Archicad 15, i only see black screen (as seen screenshots) on the workspace. But i can see the workspace normally when i do pan or rotate view. My hardware and OS: Windows7 64bit 6gb ram, ati radeon hg5570 4gb gpu, int...

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The Essentials Interactive Training Guide

Hi there. I just downloaded the trial for AC 15 for PC, I come from a revit background so have some experience of BIM. I also downloaded the Essentials Interactive Training Guide and trying to work through it and I am stuck at an early stage. When cr...

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Shift & Ctrl Commands Stop Working

I am getting an annoying problem that when I am working in ArchiCAD, my Shift and Ctrl commands can stop working. The only way I have found to fix the problem is to restart my ArchiCAD. But this is a pain when it happens every day. Today I noticed th...

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AC14 to AC12?

Is there a way to take an ArchiCAD v14 project file back to ArchiCAD v12 without having ArchiCAD v13 installed?

Outrageous WIBU replacement policy

I have not used AC for about 5 years, but now have 15 and a new IMac. AC only sees the dongle intermittently so GS support says the key has 'gone bad' and needs to be replaced. With 3 day ground shipping this is $205 !!! (My subscription expired in J...

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SE 2011 Crash

Hey Guys, Looking for a solution to a consistent crash issue with one of my files. It works fine on three of the other computers in the office, but when opening the projects 3d view on one it instantly causes a crash? The computer in question is a Sn...

Error Codes

Hey Folks, Can anyone shed any light on the following error codes: Polygon is degenerated. (TR - 068) Wrong projection code value (TR - 017) Polygon is degenerated. (TR - 061) Wrong projection code value (TR - 017) Wrong projection code value (TR - 0...