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[License not recognized after update] Не признает лицензию после установки обновлений

Установила обновления ARCHICAD-23-RUS-Update-4006-1.1 на версию ArchiCAD 23 и после этого выдает окошко, что лицензия не найдена, хотя лицензия у меня есть [Moderator: This is an English-only forum. Please post in English in the future. Google Transl...

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New Laptop - Surface Book 3 or other

I have a Surface Book 2. I don't use Archicad all day every day - probably in bursts of 4-5hrs, 3 times a week. The Surface book is getting a bit slow and looking for a replacement... (particularly compared to our new i9 desktops in the office. I hav...

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Resolved! AC24 Action Center Warning

My action center is continuously showing a warning (red exclamation mark) in AC24. The warning is for the updates category in the action center. When I hit the "download updates" button it takes me to a GS webpage that says my software is up-to-date;...

ArchiCAD performance regardless of hardware and drivers.

I would like to bring up the topic of ArchiCAD performance. I noticed that work in the program with the growth of the model at some point turns into pain and suffering. At first I blamed everything on huge detailed projects, which seemed logical. I s...

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Do I need to upgrade my computer

How To Choose A Queen Platform Bed For The Bedroom When choosing a platform bed for your bedroom, the first thing that will linger in your mind is comfort. The fun fact about choosing a platform bed, regardless of the size, is that you should conside...

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Desktop computers and Archicad 24

Looking to purchase a new PC. Is anyone using Windows Surface Studio 2 with Archicad 24? Any advice regarding performance, Archicad crashes, etc, would be greatly appreciated. I'm using an iMac desktop with 'Catalina' and experiencing multiple Archic...

ARM Mac Support

Dear All, In 2020, Apple announced the transition of CPUs in Macintosh computers from Intel to Apple-designed chips that use the ARM architecture. This transition is planned to take a couple of years, and the first computers with the new ARM chipset ...

Resolved! Strange hotspot stretching in 24

Is it just me or are others seeing this as well? Place the 'Sink Belfast 24' object close to the project origin. View in 3D, select it and try to stretch the front left hotspot. Normally I would drag the cursor close to the hotspot. But now I have to...