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Archicad Texture Error on Curved Surfaces

Sefa Yakut

When I model a curved surface with the mesh tool or slab tool, I get a texture error like this when I look at 3D. Does anyone have any idea about the solution to this problem? It looks like there is a gap on the surface but there is actually no gap. 

The changes I made to the settings of the magic wand tool did not do anything.



Operating system used: Windows Build 4060


This is probably not a texture error. In archicad, there is no such thing as a perfect circle in 3d (not even in 2d), it is always represented by a segmented circle. Here, the upper plane is represented by a plane with fewer segments than the side. This is usually obvious with very small or very large surfaces.
A possible solution is to add the points yourself and give the smaller segments a curve as well.


Apple M1 Max 32 GB Ventura

Setup info provided by author