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Zone - Auto update area or linking/constraining to a wall

Working with zones.

Is there a way for the zones to "auto update" or "auto calculate" when a wall is moved.

During the design process walls inevitably move around ..... a lot.

Currently I have to redo all the zones or drag each node of all the zones to the new positions.
Is there a way for zones to calculate this automatically in the same way that Revit's "rooms" do?
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Erwin Edel
Design > Update Zones

Make sure you use 'Inner Edge' as your zone polygon method. This will drop a moveable hotspot / point in your room and from this point it will find edges when you update the zone. These edges are called zone boundaries. Many different 3D elements can be boundaries (walls, collumns, curtainwalls, etc) but also 2D lines. The elements need to be visible (layer on) for this to work.

This is a very basic question. You might want to consider a training course to get you up to speed with ArchiCAD quickly
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