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Multiple entries for the same beam profile

Miha Nahtigal

I have a weird problem scheduling beam lengths.

I wanted to schedule beam lengths and totals for specified Complex Profile(s). 


When I create a chedule without Complex Profile filter criterio, everything works fine (see attachment wo criteria).

After I specify my Complex profile, each beam lists four times. Filtering out Beam Segment Element does not do anything here.


What am I missing?


Without Complex Profile FilterWithout Complex Profile Filter


With Complex Profile CriteriaWith Complex Profile Criteria


Miha Nahtigal

I've tried deleting all beams except one from entire project. From every layer and every renovation filter.


Schedule without Complex Profile criteria works fine (see second image). As soon as I add complex profile criteria, the beam gets listed twice (third image). Filtering out Beam Segment does not help either (fourth image).








I am missing something obvious, I just can't think what it could be.

I have exactly the same as you and I get just the one beam listing.


Can you try in a new file with nothing except the one beam?

You can export/import the schedule to save setting it up again.


Also what version and build of Archicad are you using.

I am testing in 25 build 3002 (I should update to 3011).



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