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Help Those Help You - Add a Signature Hi All, Some issues you may post about on this forum are Archicad version specific. This includes regional variations in the base program as well as any attached libraries. Other issues may b...

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Community feedback: I love Archicad, but...

Hi all, in the following survey, you can prioritize some of the most common pain points that arise while using Archicad. We know they might not be your top-priority requests, but tweaking them could make your everyday work easier. Thank you for your ...

Shortcut to Unread Posts

Dear All,Recently it came up from many of you that it would be nice to see the unread posts directly instead of browsing a huge amount of content. We are constantly working in the background to improve the Community and find what is helping all of us...

ArchiCAD and creativity

Can someone tell me when archicad stopped being a creative design tool for architects and became so engineering?, a lot of mep, a lot of calculation, a lot of bim, and little design, the mesh tool is still as bad as in version 6, there are no simple ...

DWG translator xml lock tag is funny!

If you open the translator xml file and change false to true it locks it for editing in Archicad DWG Translation Setup.Some seriously funny guys at work in Budapest!Edit: Post doesn't really belong to wishes form, my bad...

DavorP by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Forum HTML

Hi all, My forum signature is longer than the recommended max number of lines, so I was thinking of right aligning some portions of it since each line is relatively short. The issue is that the forum does not seem to accept the

command... Anyone kno


Resolved! How to add comments about EcoDesigner Star

Hi Community How can I add comments for the article on EcoDesigner STAR: I can see others have placed comments, but I can't. I can add comments to other articles,...

New MacMini M2 announced by Apple.

Apple today announced the new Mac mini with an M2 chip. At hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Mac Studio (with older M1 chips), I'm wondering in ArchiCAD would work on the Mini. I'm not a hardware expert by any stretch, but does anyone here have an...

dcerezo by Advocate
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Linear / threaded layout for displaying posts

You can decide and adjust the settings of displaying posts anytime as a registered member of Graphisoft Community. Based on your preferences, you can select from two options - linear and threaded layout. Threaded layout: Replies appear slightly inden...

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Reaching out!

If anyone is experiencing work overload and in need of assistance, we have capacity to help. Software: 2x Archicad 26 Solo / 2x Archicad 21 Teamwork / Lumion Pro 12.5 Please feel free to get in touch on 07931906057 or by email on studio@shielsdesign....

Resolved! Archicad Launch icon – Can you spot the difference?

Dear All, Since Archicad 14, we've provided a new launcher icon for each new version. If you have several Archicad icons on your desktop, you should easily be able to tell which is which.Recently, one of you posted a wish, saying that the last few ic...