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3D View Settings - Projection, Cutaway and Filter

3D Projection Settings, 3D Cutaway and Filter and Cut Elements in 3D are all view specific. There should be a way to define presets for these and assign them to 3D Views in the View Setting similar to how it works with eg. Layer Combination, MVO and GO.


This would increase efficiency and decrease the risk of inconsistencies when defining and redefining the settings across multiple Views. That is when you have multiple views that are based on the same projection/cutaway/filter setting and this needs to be redefined.


Edit. The 3D filter functionality should ideally be enhanced and consolidated into a new Element Visibility Control  functionality but until then it has to be included in the scope of this whish.


view maps are your friend for this. you just need to set up the views that you want to see cut planes/ filters etc then save it in your view map. you should also organize it so it will be easier for others  to look through. 😎

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You have misunderstood the wish. It's about the ability to easily update camera/cutaway/filter settings across multiple Views in the View Map.   


This has been touched on before. Scroll down and see if the bit about creating a view Style Manager has any relevance. The thread was started by GS. As usual we're not sure if they took on board the feedback. 

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After some more thought - 3D Projection Settings should actually not be controlled through View settings or be view specific at all. Instead they should properly work as sources for Views. The sun setting wold have to be moved out of the projection setting.

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Or, another possible solution would be to have "3D Projection Settings", "3D Cutaway" and "Filter and Cut Elements in 3D" as separate settings, but their inclusion in saved Views would be OPTIONAL, so you could decide whether you want them to be saved as part of a View or not. 

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The impetus for this wish was the need for an ability to easily and consistently change the projection and cut planes across multiple 3D Views. My first thought was a solution in line with how other General View Settings are currently handled. 


I should have given this wish a bit more thought before posting it as I've after some more thought came to realise that 3D Projection Settings is different from both Cutaway and Filter as well as other General View Settings. Failing to realise that made this wish into quite a mess which I try to sort below:


3D Projection Settings

Projection Settings are fundamental in the sense that they are enough to define a 3D Viewpoint. So the solution should not be the ability to define presets which can be applied to 3D Views but the ability to define different 3D Viewpoints which can be the source of multiple 3D Views.


As it is now this is possible for perspective projections by using the Camera Tool but for some reason the link between the Camera Viewpoint and the 3D View to which it is the source does not work - changes to the camera does not update the 3D View. This should be fixed and the ability to define axonometric projections as viewpoints should be added.


3D Cutaway and Filter and Cut Elements in 3D

These are similar to the other General View Settings and should be handled in the same way - by defining presets that are applied to 3D Views.