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AI virtual assistant

Petros Ioannou

Following up on Graphisoft's AI visualiser I will come up with a long standing idea/ wish of mine.

The whole market is utilizing AI to deal with the creative part of our practice , whether that is a visual, form finding, layout alternatives,spatial optimization. Although promising this approach always lacks ( I my opinion) the complexity of human thinking.

The parameters are there, individually but not histicaly, when there is a solution to a spatial issue there isn't one for social context, the budget, client brief etc. AI will get there eventually but I suspect we are still far. In the meantime I would suggest we utilise AI to deal with the laborious , boring tasks of our everyday life in practice. Such as revision checks, layout proofing, project file naming  for starters. ArchiCAD is far superior to the competition in areas like this but it would be a step ahead would incorporate AI technologies to audit the model and it's outcomes. Imagine a system which can automate the deliverables names/ templates/ appearance, check your tags for consistency, compare to external databases of specs, keeping track of issues the way a Document controlers would do. It would take the coordination of project to the next level.the possibilities are endless. 

ArchiCAD 22 4023 UKI FULL,
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iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017
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