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Add ability to conditionally colour dimensions

Professor Pickle

Archicad lets you draw stuff without realising that your lengths could be fractional. Sometimes you don't realise this until you start putting dimensions onto things and then you realise that what you thought was 1000mm long is actually 1000.23mm long. Annoying. 


It would be great if we had the ability to conditionally change the colour of dimensions. We could then create a new dimension set, call it, say "Audit" and set some conditions that change the colour depending on value. For example, change the colour of the dimension to red if the value is not a whole number.

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I agree with the underlying issue and it would be good to be able to check models for this but shouldn't it ideally be done directly on elements similar to other model checks?


Most of the errors is likely to come from graphical input and I think that being able to lock input to working unit's number of decimals would be very helpful and open up for much quicker modelling as we wouldn't have to switch between graphical and numerical input in order to ensure that elements get the correct dimensions.


I get around this with two dimension value sets [Project Preferences > Dimensions] one with normal output configurations and another which I load from the quick settings at the bottom of the screen with extra accuracy values to suit my tolerance requirements. When the extra accuracy is displayed it is usually fairly obvious if there is an unacceptable deviation.

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To draw accurately, use the magnetic grid, 

Activate it from view menu, 

set the magnetic grid options frm the parameters shown in the screenshot, 

i use 1 cm tolerance beacause i don't need fractions, if needed i put manually in the tracker


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