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Copying elements

In my designs I have had many a time where it would be better if the user could select specific elements (slab, wall. door, window, et al) from several floors at the same time which can then be copied and pasted to the desired floor. Currently the only way to select elements on various floors is in the 3D window. While the selecting process is straight forward and can be done with the marquee tool making the copy in the correct location is next to impossible when hundreds of elements are selected. It would be much better if selected elements would show in both the 2D and 3D scenes when selected. That is, if I select an element in 3D the element would also highlight in the 2D window and vice versa. Also it would be great if there was a function that allowed the user to highlight elements on more than one floor. Something like a "Multifloor Element Select" such that when activated the user can move from floor to floor and select the elements to be copied. When the user has selected all the necessary elements the user will end the command. The user can now paste the elements on the floor desired. It should be noted that all of the elements should retain their spacial relationships with each other when pasted. That is, if 2 object were selected and were three floors apart, when they are pasted the lowest object is placed on the desired floor and the second object is placed on the floor that is three stories higher. These are things that could make AC easier to design structures. Regards

Professor Pickle

Further to this idea, we need the ability to copy a elements from one floor and paste them into the exact same position on other floors. We should be able to choose destination floors from a checklist of available floors.

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Hello Tomek:

AC already allows the user to copy elements from floor to floor. All you have to do is go to the floor ( in floor plan mode) where the elements you want to copy are. Next select the elements you want to copy. Once they are all selected just right click the mouse and left click on the "copy" command in the drop down window. Now select the floor that you want to copy the parts to (in floor plan mode). When there, right click and select the "paste" command in the drop down window. That will result in a square marquee. Just click anywhere outside the marquee and all of the selected items will be placed on that floor in the exact same position as the floor the selected elements are one. If you go to another floor and repeat the paste operation those same elements will be copied to that floor. NOTE: There is one situation that this won't work. That is, doors, windows and spaces placed on walls. You cannot use the same method just explained. To copy those elements to another floor using the method indicated you need to select the wall they are in, copy and paste to the new floor. Also note that if you select and copy just one of the elements in the wall and do the copy/paste action AC25 will place the entire wall and all elements in it to the new floor. Hope this helps.


Check "Edit Elements by Stories" under "Design" menu.