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Feature Request - Unlinked Interior Elevation Markers


This topic has been brought up several times over the years, but wouldn't it be great if one could link and unlink and relink Interior Elevation Markers the way you can with Section and Detail Markers?


The only workaround I've found for this (aside from making two sets of interior elevations on different layers) is as follows: Say I'm making two sets of IE's from the same marker, one demolition, one proposed. I would copy the views in the view map and save them with the appropriate renovation filter. The issue is that if they go on different layouts or have different drawing numbers, the marker won't be able to show both. So here's what you can do: copy the marker, paste it in a non-floor plan view (so that it just becomes 2D shapes and text), and then repaste it back in the original position on the floor plan. Change the renovation filter if necessary. You could then change the text, but then it's unlinked from the drawings and if you change layout IDs or drawing numbers, you're in trouble. So, I go to the drawings I want to reference, right click and select "Set as Autotext Reference". Then I can go back to the marker and link each drawing reference text on the marker to the correct drawing and the central layout reference to the drawing's layout ID. It's a bit of a pain, but that's why it's a workaround and not the ultimate solution.


It would be great to use on apartment units that have identical elevations in multiple locations on multiple floors, which are shown on multiple sheets. Because many times different apartment units can have the the same kitchen or parts that are similar in five or more design layouts. It would be nice since it is a feature that already exists.

Todd Oeftger
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This is what we do as well. Would be great to have a marker that could either be a source view, linked, or unlinked. As you've said, there's a workaround but it is rather tedious and the result is a group of lines/fills that have to be moved together as opposed to one singular marker.

Andrew Arkell

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Barry Kelly

Another work around would be to use just section or elevation markers.

The down side is they won't appear in the interior elevations group in the Project Map.

And if you use cloned folders for section/elevations in the View Map, they will all appear in those clone folders.


Maybe the interior elevation markers can't be unlinked because they can be grouped.

I have never really looked at them as I have never used them.

I always just use sections for my room elevations



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