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Graphical overrides - linked groups, linked styles

Graphical overrides currently fall way short of their potential - as highlighted in Community Feedback: Graphic Overrides. But something I find extremely frustrating is how time consuming it is to manage and make changes to styles and combinations. So we can add an entire group to a combination but it is nothing more than a shortcut to add all rules in a group - the operation was successful but the group died? 


It should be possible to add a group as a linked clone which means that changes made to the group is reflected in every combination to which it is added as clone. The added clone should be clearly indicated in the combination and it should be possible to change the order of the group relative to other groups and/or rules. In a similar way it should also be possible to clone rules (not just duplicate) to multiple groups. 


This is fundamental good data management principles and not even something new to AC (see view map - how about some consistency?) Although not nearly enough to harness the full potential of graphical overrides - this would be a very quick fix that would have a high positive impact for the use and management of graphical overrides. That it wasn't implemented along with the groups is disheartening to say the least.