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Hide Roof Ridge?


Any way to turn off a roof ridge? I want to avoid 2d lines/fills, and selectively hide the roof ridge in different views, as it should also show on the exterior but not interior.

The ridge should hide in certain rooms when there's a ceiling. Bring to front etc. isn't a solution as I have too many layers/floors/view types. I've mostly got away from 2d line work in this file and would hope to continue that.



Barry Kelly

So just to clarify, you want to show the extent of the roof eaves, but not the hips, valleys and ridges?

There is no way to currently do this with the roof at present.


For your wish to work, it couldn't be an element (roof) setting.

I will have to be a Model View Option.



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It's also a (very) long time wish I have...

The option to hide every ridge... with non-vertical surfaces also upper and below line separately.


Often it is a problem with bottom views... but also with top views... there a line below gets in the foreground... because the display is not controlled by projection but by (stupid... sorry) manually display-order.


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I use mvo and a custom slab covering. The slab covering is controlled by the mvo and cuts the roof which then only shows lines around other stories