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Highlight custom dimensions


It would be really useful if it was possible to easily find custom dimensions, as described in this post

The solution provided is too complicated. The 'Revert all custom texts to measured value' tool shows that Archicad can detect custom texts so this shouldn't be a difficult fix. There's at least two ways this could be implemented:

- Change the 'Revert all custom texts to measured value' tool so that when this tool is run the first step is it highlights all the custom texts and then there are three options "Revert All' and 'Revert and show next'/'Skip and show next' (like how Find and Replace works in most programs)

- Add custom text as a parameter than can be searched for with dimensions in Graphic Override rules

Gerry Leonor

we already have Graphic Override checks for anything in the ArchiCAD Layer, static dimensions & Existing elements.


highlighting custom dimension texts would make it so much easier. & if possible, perhaps the ability to highlight custom label texts too, although making it 'toggle-able' in Graphic Override would be best. we have old projects that used an old methodology for calling up surfaces finishes & material codes & all were done with manual text. now we've started using smart labels & it's abit tedious to figure out which ones have manual text vs smart labels.

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What I am doing is that I always use a special red pen when creating a custom dimension they are always higlight on screen with my screen pen set, and just change to the normal pen for printing pen sets.

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yes, we did that too in a previous office i worked at.

still would push this as a wish in future releases as it can be a very good QA check.

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That's fine if you create the drawing. However it doesn't work for the post I linked to (the drawing has come from another company) or in my case (I want to check if my students are overriding dimensions to try to hide inaccurate drawing practices).

Yes it only work's if you create the file and it would be great to have a criteria to find and highlight custom text cotations.

I also teach and have student's works to correct, so i have developed several methods to detect specific errors.

In the case of custom dimensions I use the "Find and replace text" command in expert mode to replace custom text dimensions with a large text easy to see. The command also let me know the number of such custom dimensions.

Be careful at the replacing steps (step 3 and next) as I experimented ArchiCad crashing if not respecting exactly the steps sequence .  

Find and replace text 1.png

Find and replace text 2.png

Find and replace text 3.png

Find and replace text 4.png

Find and replace text 5.png



ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
MacOS Monterey

Thanks @BrunoH that's really helpful 😊

Erwin Edel

@BrunoH , very nice work around. I could've used this a few years back, when still working with someone who preferred his own reality over the one he modelled and edited dimension texts manually.

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