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Matrix Schedules!


on the face of it, a basic request, but one i understand requires a lot of work on the schedule programming. It would be desperately useful to have the ability to have schedules as a matrix. i.e reference column and rows. 


Three use cases of this i see as:


Primarily - issue sheets - the ability to have the layout id and name in the row, with date issued displayed (text at 90º) in the columns to track issue dates - can then also do the same for ID/Name in row and who it is issued to as table column (we have the issue scheme set to include who issues are as selection fields)


Secondly: finishes schedules - rooms / zones with check boxes for finishes / fittings etc.


Thirdly: Door / Ironmongery schedules to allow access to properties so we can check box mark door reference with closer / hinge type / handle type etc. 


just a few of the uses i can think of but it would make scheduling a fundamentally more useful documentation to