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Modify elements in model space/views directly from layout sheets


It has been a relatively smooth transition for me coming from Revit to Archicad; however, one thing that has been a disappointment is that I have to leave a layout sheet to modify something on a view and then return to the layout sheet to see how that change is reflected there. For example, I'm adding keynotes to a series of elevations. The elevation layout sheet has already been formatted and changing the size or position of the views on the sheet is not ideal.  So if I need to move a keynote that has been partially cropped by the drawing frame on the layout, I currently have to leave the layout sheet and move the keynote label in the view while estimating where that crop box is on the layout sheet. Ideally I would be able to select a view placed on a layout and modify elements within that view without having to leave the layout sheet.


Either select the View on the Layout Sheet and rt-clk OR rt-clk on the drawing / view name in the Layout Book list and select [Open Source View with Layout as Reference] You can then see where the layout is in context with your view and adjust your keynotes to suit.

Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)
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