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Multiple Backup files

Keith S



It would be really nice for there to be an option to have the program save multiple backup files. I've worked with revit before and I would have 5-10 backup files saved between 5 minutes to an hour back.


Just an instance when a coworkers was trying to fix a crashing issue and accidentally deleted a section view. They did not realize it until 20 minutes later but the single backup file saves every 5 minutes.


Are there any plans to add this? If not, this would be a great addition!


Jeff Griffin

I keep my PLNs in Dropbox for this very reason. I can restore a previous version of a PLN anytime I want, as long as the previous version is no more than 30 days old. 

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I use Google drive and Google drive saves every revision every time I get the save button as an instance The advantage of doing this although I do have to remember to hit save is that by turning off some of the autosave functions in Archicad your model and drawings and especially the layouts move and function way faster.

I am still using version 24 and honestly the only time I make it crash is when I accidentally code the loop that I didn't realize was going to loop the way that it does so maybe for a new version that's still slightly unstable that might not be the best outcome.

But I can say at this point I've gotten a lot more done with the time I save from not waiting for the program to autosave every 5 seconds and anytime I make a specific change that I know is important I just make sure to hit save myself.

But regardless the cloud storage that keeps track of iterations would be optimal especially if you have an autosave turned on you can always tell that folder to sync and then your good.

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