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Parametric Reference Line as Element Generator


It would be ideal to be able to identify a polyline as a reference source to link building elements.  Foundations, walls, slabs, roofs, trim can all be associated with the reference line.  An edit to the reference line will dynamically update all of the associated elements, thus ensuring all elements share identical x,y coordinates.  While this can be achieved with the magic wand to create objects, the benefit of "automatic" updates would be a great asset.  As new elements and embellishments are added to the model, they can be all linked to the same reference source.  The feature would function like a super modifier.


We have experimented with this concept in the past with Rhino and Grasshopper with marginal success.  I native archicad solution would streamline the process.


Joe A.

ArchiCAD since 8.0


I get what you mean. I have always wanted to define the model just with these reference lines, a completely abstract wireframe to which all other elements are attached. Move one node and everything atached to it or its corresponding line or plane modifies acordingly. It could also be modifed via code.   We can dream

Barry Kelly

You mean like multi-element editing?


Select all the elements (plan or 3D), edit overlapping edges or reference lines, and all elements will edit at the same time.


Similarly, multiple heights can be adjusted as well.



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That is certainly a handy feature. Thank you for sharing.


The wish is to be able to establish a linked, parent-child element structure that will dynamically update the entire extended children of the family by updating just the parent polyline.


Joe A.

ArchiCAD since 8.0 

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