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Task manager / tracker / list


Here's a thought, how about a task manager / list or tracker included within the project file.


A side window showing notes or tasks associated or linked to each view or layout to keep track of what needs to be done / added. If this is then a list, you would then also be able get a full-page summary of outstanding items across the whole project.


It would eliminate the need for running a list on for instance excel or word as well as the task / note list would follow the project file allowing anyone else who work on the project to view the current notes.


Just a thought.

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Davor P

Have you had a look at the Issue Manager in Archicad?
Document -> Issue Manager

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Yeah...I'm familiar with Issue Manager, but this was more of a thought of having a task-based list of what need to be covered while developing the design or compliant drawings issuing for approval. The Issue Manager as I see it is more of a Tracker of changes made...not what needs to be done.

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Eduardo Rolon

Not disagreeing with the wish but everyone forgets that this one has existed since forever and you also have Teamwork Messages…




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