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Use accurate verbs in SEO "Add as Target" and "Add as Operator" buttons.


I just noticed this, but "Add" isn't actually what these buttons do: they "set" the current selection as Targets or Operators (i.e. they override the current Targets/Operators)


Also, I think it would be best if opening the SEO window with a current selection didn't automatically set that selection as the Target. Maybe i want the selection (i might have made in a different view!) to act as the Operator this time!




Karl Ottenstein

I agree.   Originally, there was no "Maintain Operations" panel when SEOps were first introduced.  At that time, the Add button indeed did let you add elements to the selection.  As this palette evolved, they should have changed Add to Set as you suggest, since the Add function is in the Maintain panel.  Maybe my memory is totally gone, but without launching a really old version... I thought that there used to be buttons for removing elements from being targets or operators, too.  I suppose that went away when the SEOp pet palette was introduced...


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Vasileios S_

I agree with this wish. These little details will make AC27 more meaningful.

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Benjamin Dani

Dear all,


Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts about this wish!
I just added it to our wishlist under WISH-12588. 

I hope we can see it implemented soon. 

Best regards,

Dani Benjamin
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