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Wrapped Schedules over Multiple Layouts

Schedules are powerful but not without their unique problems. Possibly the most frustrating is getting a large schedule, such as door schedule, to fit on a layout. There are two methods which work individually but not together. That is the 'Split Drawing among Multiple Layouts' and the 'Restructure Table' options.

When the width of the schedule is defined by using the 'Restructure Table' option, it can become so long that it runs off the bottom of the page. If the 'Split Drawing among Multiple Layouts' is then selected, multiple layouts are created, however each layout only shows 1 row of the schedule.

It would be nice if the 'Restructure Table' set the width and the height, when using the multiple layout option.
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Yes, it would be nice to have these two features play well with each other.
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It would also be nice if these drawings could be browsed through in a better fashion– perhaps similar to the folder structure. The way it works now, well, it is easy to miss. And it would be nice to have an automatic numbering system for those pages too.
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Graphisoft Partner
The automatic numbering should work automatically and I think the visual clues are enough if you know to look for them, but I entirely agree that if a drawing has 'Split Drawing among Multiple Layouts' checked then we should still be able to restructure it on the layout. Furthermore the schedule should also be allowed to take on different sizes/shapes for each layout that it's on.

The title of the schedule should also only appear once be layout too. For now we have to deleted the title from inside the schedule and add a drawing title to the top of the schedule and that seems like a silly workaround.

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Yes, this feature needs more development. I still think the icon for this stacked layout can easily be overlooked by those who have never seen this before. Maybe it needs another color or design.

As I was about to send some drawings out this Friday, I couldn't actually use it and had to divide the schedule out over multiple layouts. Each would need to have a unique ID and even if I wanted to paste over the drawing number – that text will display across all of the stacked layouts and would still have one unique number. This would be the case for all text on one page, and in this case, someone had written a note, attached to the last element in the schedule, that was visible and overlaid in the middle of the prior two pages.

Perhaps a better way to do this would be to list drawing numbers "A-450-10 – A-450-1X" contained on the stacked icon, depending on the number of pages needed, automatically generated in an incremental manner. And still be able to be unfolded, as the later file structure, to access those individual drawings. And allow for the individual and repeating text within.... it would be nice to have a good way of repeating notes and info on the right side of drawings.
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We really need this!
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this should be a high priority item - you can't use the Change Manager either because if you cloud a change on any page of the multi-layout schedule, it appears on every sheet - why has this not been addressed yet? Having to manually split the schedule takes too much time and opens too high a margin for user error should the schedule's contents change. If you're able to automate schedules across multiple sheets, make it work properly.