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USA Template - Metric Version

For the love everything we hold sacred, will you please issue a metric TPL file for all currently supported and all future versions of Archicad USA version.


Why do you have a USA division anyway. Let it be headquartered in the USA , but Canada is part of your territory and you are underserving it. 


A metric template is not just for the working units settings. Metric versus Imperial affects the opening/merging of different filetypes including IFCs and DWGs. 


The lack of Metric setup makes working with other files really time-consuming and cumbersome. 


Give someone at GSHQ one week to do what needs to be done and make it a part of your next Hotfixes. AC 24-26.


Thank you.

Think Like a Spec Writer
AC4.55 through 27 / USA AC27-4060 USA
Rhino 8 Mac
MacOS 14.2.1