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DWG export with Modules as XRef

Can I export a plan of a building with modules to a DWG where the modules are exported as external XRefs to the main DWG? If so what would the settings be?

calebg by Newcomer
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Creative uses for property-based expressions?

Expressions within properties in AC22 are clearly a powerful feature, and as I watched the video from the Key Client Conference in Budapest, I was very impressed with the possibilities. However, I am finding very little information about creative way...

Any plugs for guids?

HI, I'm exporting xml-files with room areas from a Solibri addon and I need manually to enter guids for real estate, building, and stories in the Solibri export. I'd like to set the guids directly in ArchiCAD. Is it possible or are there any plugins ...

Select which aspect rules for "Merge uniform items"

Hello, I am trying to do a list of the quantity of apartments. Each apartment has a zone with categories depending on amount of rooms, so 1 Room-zone, 2 Room zone, 3 Room zone, Student room zone etc. The schedule I have now with two fields, zone cate...

DWG opens Zoomed and Viewports are cut

Hi: After opening an exported plan to dwg file un autocad I have to issues. The first one is that the layout is zoomed in so I have to open every file and zoom, extend and save again prior to sending the files. The second one is that corners of some ...

Autotext - locating it in ArchiCAD 22

I know how to use and add auto text in AC and the Layout Book. What I am lost on is adding or modifying the list of available auto text, like you can do with project info. As an example, in placing the autotext System>File Path, I want to modify the ...

rm by Enthusiast
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Unwanted "dashed" line around imported external content

I have two separate AC 22 files where I am creating Master Templates for the layout book. I am importing a png file that has my signature for my architects seal. However, in one AC 22 file, the signature is imported in with no perimeter frame showing...

rm by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies


I am hoping to create a wall schedule/legend that shows the composition of the walls and other information for the contractor to build from. I have been able to get a wall schedule that shows all of the information we want except a legend/image of th...

CoryM by Newcomer
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Resolved! Schedule of Building Information

Greetings. I am trying to make a schedule of standard properties associated with a building project. I have made a Group in Properties for Building Information, including Occupancy, Building Use, Type of Construction, Allowable Area, etc. Some of the...