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Getting Building Material Names out of Library Objects

I create a collection of morphs each of which has a different building material assigned to it. Then i select the collection of morphs and turn them into one library object. I place that object and i open the objects selection settings and i see a li...

gdford by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Importing Autocad MEP models

We are working with a new MEP consultant that is starting to model their HVAC design work. They use Auto Cadd MEP to model their work. Wondering if anyone here has had success in importing 3D HVAC model from Auto CADD MEP into ArchiCAD?Is there a par...

rm by Booster
  • 4 replies

Resolved! FBX or Twinmotion for ArchiCAD 25

When will we see an export option to FBX or Twinmotion for ArchiCAD 25? At the very least, FBX (generic) should be included on the day a new version ships as it has become an industry standard for 3D import into rendering packages.

DNS issues with new Windows BIM server setup

I have done many a BIM server on Macintosh and this is my first time doing it on Widows. I first setup the local DNS system so that the a phrase refers to the local static IP of the server. In fact, when I use a command line to ...

Schedule "Merge Items" Issue in Archicad v25

Our office has a fairly extensive library of custom GSM parts. These include cabinets, doors, windows, etc. Historically, we have issued two schedules by building element: (1) a long list of every single element used in the project (e.g. every door) ...

AC 24 IFC Bug Report from recipient

Dear AC community, I received an IFC file originating from AC24 in 2x3 format. It will not open in some software: The reason is the misuse of Axis. Where can I file a bug report without being an AC user? (upload the file?) Lukas citing: The error mes...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

Shared parameters

Hello, I'm not certain this is the right section of the forum as this topic covers a few of them, let me know if you find a more appropriate location and I'll change. I'm actually working on a project we had to split in 3 files: 2 working file 91 for...

Resolved! New Laptop can't open joined teamwork project

Hi all, Would appreciate some help on this one. I am trying to open a Teamwork Project that I have already joined. However, once the project loads I get an error message that reads "Error occurred during the last Teamwork operation. Start difference ...

Edit ifc data on site

Hello, I want to take my ifc on site, and, on an Android tablet, i modify some data créateur with archicad properties, to track working progress Then i send changed properties Back to archicad Is There an ifc app that can handle this for android If n...

Exporting ArchiCAD model to STAAD Pro

Hello Everyone I want to export my ArchiCAD model to STAAD Pro. To transfer model to STAAD Pro it must be converted to ISM repository. I could not find how to convert model to ISM repository in ArchiCAD. How I can do that? OR there is any other link ...