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PLT files

Hi! In a project that we delivered as-built documentation over a year ago, the owner has now discovered that the contractor had a clause in the adminstrative specifications whereby they should deliver PLT-format as well as dwg and pdf. We haven't del...

Kristen by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Speed of editing within Interactive Schedules

Is there a method of speeding up the editing of an interactive schedule? I have a schedule which creates a detailed specification for all new items within my building model. If I edit an object, wall, roof etc. within the interactive schedule, the sc...

No cut fill in objects imported from Autodesk Inventor

When i import objects from autodesk inventor they have no cut-fill. I find no way to control this via a translator. I can open one of these objects and modify the GDL and get a cut-fill, but there are thousands objects and they are a moving target du...

gdford by Enthusiast
  • 0 replies

XYZ file / .txt file - terrain MODELLING

Anyone used the Command : - file --> interoperability -->PLACE MESH FROM SURVEYORS DATA I have the relevant XYZ file with all data in the file. However, for some reason this data is not givng me / creating a 3D terrain. Any ideas why not ? I only hav...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 5 replies

Quality of

Has any of you already worked with I just stumbled over it while playing around with AR again - they have a module for Android and IOS. It's Spanish oriented, but it included a lot of professional Bim applications. I tried i...