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Cut Optimization

Hi there, I would like to know how do you handle cut optimization of, lets say, structural steel profiles or OSB panels. For example: I have a long list of HEB beams of various lengths and a total sum of profile types. I have the commercial standard ...

Braza by Newcomer
  • 7 replies

3D scanning to archicad

Hello! Hope this is the right place to ask and that someone here is familiar with 3D scanners and Archicad. I have a laserscanner (Leica RTC 360) wich i use to draw existing buildings with. Now with the program Cyclone 3DR i can makes meshes with tex...

IfcDoor and IfcWindow parts

With IFC export, the translator provides the option to split elements into parts. I'm trying to export a door with its parts, but it remains a single object upon export. Does this setting also require a specific setup of the GDL code to distinguish b...

stefan by Booster
  • 2 replies

Bimcloud server - remote access

Hello. Me and my friend are currently using the free Bimcloud server in LAN with Archicad 23, but we don't seem to be able to set it for remote access. We both have Educational licences and do not know how to set it up in order to connect and work fr...

Zaraf by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Drawing/Layout ID in Properties

Pretty straightforward, but it seems this isn't possible. I'd love to be able to link a Drawing and Layout ID to an element. Specifically, in my Door/Window Schedule, I prefer to show where head/jamb/sill/threshold details show up in the drawing set....

Cadimage surface slider

The main door frame of Cadimage surface slider doesn't offset with the door leafs? The main door frame should be offset and extend where the last door stacks. Example Images attached

Door Floorplan Arrows not showing?

Hi, I'm having problems with the sliding door arrows not showing up on the floorplan. Model view options are making no difference and local settings on each door aren't working either. The sliding arrows are working on sliding windows but not doors, ...

AC23 problems with opening dwg/dxf

Hi, I started using AC23 and I have problems with opening dwg while in AC22 it's working. Apparently there is a problem in translator because when I was opening the dwg with translator from AC22 it worked. But when I opened it like external drawing i...


Hi, Does anyone know if ArchiCAD support IfcCardinalPointReference? What I mean is if it’s possible to export the Column Reference Axis into an IFC. And, also, if ArhiCAD is able to understand the IfcCardinalPointReference when it merges an IFC. This...

GOBA by Newcomer
  • 11 replies