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BIMcloud as a Service - can not delete users

I am signed in as Admin to my BIMcloud as a service and for some reason i do not have a button in Users to delete users... I even created a new user not connected to a project and still there is no button to delete the user..... any thoughts anyone?

gdford by Advisor
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Layer and Materials for IfcRoof IFC

Hello,I would like to be able to retrieve information about the material layer of the ifcroof from an IFC model created in Archicad.I would like to understand why Archicad does not give the layer information for IFCROOF (IFCRELASSOCIATESMATERIAL)Scre...

SDA by Newcomer
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Converting to morph destroy uv maps

Hello, I have made an object in Blender uv mapped, when I import it into ac using collada the textures are fine, but when I convert the object to morph the uv mapping is lost. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to avoid this? Object right a...

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jc4d by Expert
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Cannot export STL file in the correct scale

Greetings! I have an architectural model that I'm trying to export to STL for prototyping, however I cannot seem to get the correct scale for it!I have this model drawn originally in meters, and I want it 200 times smaller. Still, when I open up the ...

Resolved! Add Door/Window Area to Zone

Hi there,For some reason the zone adds the area of certain doors and not for others. And I want the zone to include doors & Windows.The swiss helpline said it has to do with the zone not knowing until where it needs to calculate, with doors which hav...


Need help with the Survey Point

"The most stupid man on earth" ...yep that's how I feel. I don't "#¤"#¤ get this fantastic Survuy point gizmo. Would be so hapy if someone could show the steps. And yes I've watched the vid and read the text.This mus be super simple right? Enlighten ...


Resolved! Black Pointclouds

We have the following issue with respect to the rendering of our pointclouds in Archicad. These are displayed in black (without depth) and therefore less usable. In our viewer (BIMcollab Zoom) they are visible with reflection values (gray values) and...

chiara by Contributor
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IFC file with more storeys than host file

Hi guys, I'm working on a project that has two buildings on a sloppy site. Because of that, we split the project into different files. Building A on file A, building B on file B, and we export PMKs and mods into a central file that hosts the document...

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