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ArchiCAD 22 - copy and paste within text boxes

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Hi All,
I am having an issue where i am trying to copy partial text within a text box and paste it into another text box. It looks like the text doesn't even copy to the clipboard when I select "copy" and hence when I paste there is nothing! My colleague has the same problem. We are using ArchiCAD 22. If we copy and paste text from elsewhere, such as Notepad, it seems to work fine. It only happens when trying to copy from text box to text box within ArchiCAD. Is this a bug? Has anyone else had this issue?
Pawel Spychala

I uninstalled Eset Internet Security and the problem is gone!


Hi, I do not have any antivirus installed, except windows defender.

Made multiple clean installs, and the issue still remains. I manage it by right clicking the mouse and toggle copy.

Braam G

I have had the same issue on AC 22 and AC 25. Read about possible ESET interference, uninstalled it and I was able to copy and paste again. Reinstalled ESET and still able to copy and paste. I have a suspicion that it might be ESET's Secure Browser Protection as I have had this activated before, have not activated again.

Yip, disable the Secure browser Protection and you are good to go.

Paul Roper

I have been experiencing this same problem intermittently since AC22. It appears that it is the "copy" function that fails (shortcut, right-click, or menu method: the text does not show up in the clipboard).


I do not use ESET, so that is not the culprit for me.


Copying / pasting objects works fine, copying and pasting entire text boxes works fine. Copying and pasting text in other programs works fine.


Copying and pasting text is a foundational functionality of software. I know that troubleshooting these problems can be complex. One thing is clear to me: AC that is the common denominator here. The problem is so unusual that it's almost humorous — instead it's annoying and debilitating.


A fix for this frustrating problem isn't much to ask for, in my opinion. As it is, the text box functionality is outdated, cumbersome, and would benefit from an overhaul. I think Graphisoft should stop blaming other software packages for this embarrassing issue and build a robust text-editing feature.

AC23–26 3001 NZE | i511400F | 32GB | GTX1650

Not working for me either. Seems AC denies to copy text at all. No matter how you do it. If you copy text from some other app, paste works fine. 

AC25 int, Win10 64bit

Eset may be just one program that is affecting the copy and/or paste commands.

There could well be other programs.

Maybe try turning everything else off so only Archicad is running.

Disconnect from the internet if you are worried about security while you test it.




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Thank you for your response. After some testing figured out 

TeraBox- Free Cloud Storage 

is messing up with my AC. After turning it off COPY works just fine.

AC25 int, Win10 64bit

It's astounding that so many background programs could cause this issue and it clearly is an issue but Graphisoft seem to not want to address it. It's like telling people not to use the kettle when you're watching the TV because it interferes with the reception.... Is that the TV's problem to fix or the kettle's?

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I understand that it could be any number of things that cause the issue. However, no other software package I have ever used has been affected in this way. In my opinion, no software package should be so fragile that a basic function like copy / paste can be mysteriously disturbed so readily.


Archicad is powerful — it's a beast — but there is bound to be a lot of "technical debt" under the hood due to its age, legacy compatibility, plugins etc... I'm not surprised there are ghosts in the machine.


Considering the price tag, Archicad has a surprising number of "workarounds". Reading through the wishes forum, it appears that the user base has evolved beyond Archicad's functionality. It's time to go back to the drawing board, so to speak.

AC23–26 3001 NZE | i511400F | 32GB | GTX1650