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Removing poligon outlines// space between poligons


Hi everyone!

I am facing an issue while creating a 2D drawing from a 3D view. What I did is the following: I have set up a 3D view, then I copied and pasted it to a worksheet with the marquee tool. Now that I had lines and fills, I could tweak and fix a couple of things.

Unfortunately, after I export the drawing, white lines appear inside the trees. The tree object is the "conceptual tree model" in which the greenery is made out of polygons. I think I see the border of these polygons after the export.

How could I avoid them without adding outlines to the fills?

I have attached a picture; if you zoom in to any tree, you will see the issue.




Probably these are not white lines between the trees but there is a small space in the pdf that makes the white background visible. Try putting a red area in the background in the color of the trees to mask the white lines.


If you want to convert this in photoshop (without fill) in photoshop you have to turn off anti-aliasing.


Thin red lines = red plane


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It also depends on which program you use to open the pdf-file.

Opening with arcobat gives a better result.


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Don't know that I have a complete answer but have you tried creating a 3D document from 3D view? That will generate a native 2D view from the 3D model without having to copy and paste anything into a worksheet. You mentioned fixing a couple of things when in the worksheet--depending on complexity you may be able to do the same in the 3D document by applying graphic overrides and/or other 2D elements. Not sure if that will fix the white line issue but could be worth a try setting one up, sheeting it, and then plotting that to see if there is any noticeable difference between the two.

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Hello, thank you for your answer!

Unfortunately this picture is from Adobe Acrobat.

Thank you, this is a good idea but I was hoping for solution that does not require post production.

Hello, thank you for your answer!

Creating a 3D document and then exporting a PDF from there did not fix the problem. 😞


Did you export or publish?  There is a difference in quality in saving and publishing a pdf.

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I published.


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