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Visible Layer Object_Global

Hi fellow GDLers,I need to script an object that is only able to perform SEO operations only if it is in a visible layer.I know how to get the SEO feedback from the object. I just need to get the "visibility" feedback.Is there any global or request t...

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Resolved! GSM Subtypes

Hi there,Let's suppose that I have a library of Symbols that are to be distributed to a number of GSM files, and are going to be called from a primary files as macros.So, should these GSMs have the subtype "Macro" or "Drawing Symbol" ?PS: they are no...

Resolved! Foreground & Background Fill Pens for Fragment2

Hi there,Is their a way I can customise the Foreground & Background pens for a fill, to customise a symbol appearance with the use of Fragment2 ??PS: I have already seen this thread and it is...

GDL Standard Library Macro hierarchies

I am looking to do some work on custom windows, doors etc. and wondered if there is any documentation anywhere of the hierarchy of macros that get called in the standard library so I can see what elements I can call and what I need to build from scra...

Param-o - Changing GDL object parameters

Hello,When a GDL object like a chair is imported in Param-o, is there a way to edit the surface of the individual parts like arms, back-rest fabric, etc. which are available for editing in the object-settings when the object is normally edited outsid...