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Archicad 27 on Terminalserver Windows 2022



I would like to know if it is supported to install Archicad 27 on a Windows Server.

What are the requirements for 5 users? Graphics Card and RAM.


Thanks for an answer.


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Operating system used: Windows 2022

Barry Kelly

You can probably install Archicad on a Windows Server, just as you can for any PC.

But I doubt very much that you will be able to have 5 users access it at the same time.

Archicad is not server software.


You will need to install it on each PC for each user.

They will each require a license.

That license could be a network USB key that is located on the server, or software licenses that belong to a company pool and must be downloaded to each machine and returned when not needed, or a cloud licenses that again belong to a company pool but you can request it from any machine (you do not have to return it to the pool as you do with a software license).



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Thanks for your reply.


Meanwhile i found some information here:


I will give it a try.

But what Graphics card would fit for remotefx and for rendering in Archicad27?

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 ?

PNY NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 ?

I believe they are trying to setup virtual desktops for each user.


By this thread, you may need to get permission to use your licences in a virtual environment. In regards to specs, would that not just be 5x the recommended AC specs as outlined by GS with an additional memory overhead for the server itself and the vmware?


The article you linked mentions using Windows RDP to access your virtualisations, but RDP does not support OpenGL beyond v1.1. Apparently there is a Group Policy on newer versions of Windows Server which might fix it.

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