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Virtual Tutor 10 - Reviews

Hello people! Has anyone bought VT10 maybe? I saw that its available, but didnt find any reviews so far... Opinions, suggestions... Thank you

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story elevations

My model was built before i had the 3d terrain. The model is down at the zero level and the terrian (architerra) is way in the sky (200 feet higher). How do i get the model and terrain to line up properly?

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Possible to x-ref?

Am a new user of Archi, I have one question about x-reffing? Does archi have an x-ref feature? I would like to have a parent drawing (say a 3unit townhouse project). I want to be able to draw the units in their own drawings, and x-ref them into the p...

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Relocating Origin in 3D Orbit Mode

Recently an issue has arisen that may have an easy answer. I have tried everything I know including new & reset all without luck. Initially opening an Open GL 3D window of a marqueed area on plan, the Axo view of the model is correctly sized to the w...

AC10 on Intel Mac doesn't find Network Key

I have installed AC 10 and WIBU 5.20 and got the IP number to the server where the network key is. When I try to start Archicad I get the message that the protection key is not found. How do I configure the wibu-application? Are there any system pref...

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Spinning again

Recently we have started experiencing lots of rainbow wheel hangs in Archicad. This always happens at the following times: 1. At Startup when splash screen appears 2. File>Open.. 3. File>Save As.. It also occurs at random times when Archicad is left ...

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Using Two Monitors

Hi All, I use two monitors with Organizer,favorites etc on right screen,plan on left. Am using Nview and can't get Settings Dialog box from Organizer to open on the same screen. It opens on the plan monitor. Have tried all combinations of settings in...

Plotmaker won;t allow me to update.

When I try to update in plotmaker, a warning box pops up which states: "error while launching ArchiCAD in the background. PLease start ArchiCAD manually to find out what cause this error. This only happens on one of our three workstations. Help! Than...

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QuickTime 7.1.5 crashes ArchiCAD 10 on Mac OS X 10.3

A recent upgrade of QuickTime (7.1.5) causes ArchiCAD to crash in various circumstances on Mac OS X 10.3. We strongly recommend not to install this QuickTime update. Once installed, it can not be down-graded or removed. The only known solution to rem...