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Even if you use rebuild or rebuild model, it does not work accurately.


in Section


1. There were two overlapping slabs.
Even if I deleted one, it was like this so I deleted it again.
So, since there was nothing left, I returned one with ctrl+z.
However, it is still in this state and does not work accurately even if you use rebuild or rebuild model.
However, if I come back after doing another task, it is displayed normally.
What should I do?
Should I wait?


2.It is a cross-sectional view
The wall and slab are not connected.
You don't have to wait, you just have to move the wall and slab once and then put them back in place. Maybe it will work out later, but I'm impatient so I'm doing it that way. Is waiting this the answer?





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AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11


I don't have this problem but maybe it has to do with your model rebuild options in the workenvironment...



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Barry Kelly

1. Is there another slab in a hidden layer?

It may still interact even though you can't see it.



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I have the same options you show.


AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11

There were two slabs.
And after a while, they reconnect.

AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11

Eduardo Rolon

FWIW If there are 2 slabs in different layers you should change the "Layer Intersection" number to be different on all "Layer Sets".

As a test create a dummy layer with a different intersection number and move one slab to it to see if it "refreshes".

Usually having 2 objects occupying the same space causes issues and that is why AC draws them that way.

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